Friday, January 15, 2010

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting - Kelly's 30th

Before I forget I have to recap Kelly's incredible day of fun in Santa Barbara wine tasting. J.Jilek did such an amazing job planning a incredible girls day trip to Santa Barbara. Even though we had to fight some rain, what better way to celebrate Kelly's 30th birthday then in a limo wine tasting our way around SB. After shoving off at 9a from Kel & Reba's place, we hit up 3 wineries... Fiddlehead, Melville and Foley then made our way back to Manhattan Beach for the final celebration at The Northend. Definitely a spectacular way to spend time with girlfriends. Happy Birthday once again Kelly!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009 in Redondo Beach!!

This year Corey and I stayed at home for both Christmas & New Years and let me just tell you how relaxing and enjoyable it was not to travel. I hosted my first official Christmas dinner too so that made our holiday even more special. Since our wedding is coming up in 6 short months Corey and I decided not to exchange gifts this year. Instead we got each other gym memberships. I to Barry's Bootcamp in West Hollywood and Corey to our local 24 Hour Fitness. We promised ourselves come Jan 4th (first Monday of the year) that we do absolutely everything in our power to get slim for our destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mackenzie First Dinner Party

Mac's Dinner Party
Saturday night Mac & Adam hosted their very first dinner party at their home and Mac was able to bust out a bunch of her wedding presents for the first time. Mac made some killer appetizers and an incredible pot roast. After dinner of course we busted out the Wii. Thanks for having us all over!!
Mac's Beautiful TableThe Ladies Hangin Outside

Can't Forget Our Men...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saturday Thanksgiving- Why Not?

Not only did Corey and I get to celebrate Thanksgiving down at his sister's house on Thursday but we also got to celebrate it again on Saturday with extended family and friends. Aunt Carol and Kristi did a great job designating people to bring food items and the house was not short of any wine. The annual Christmas pirates gift exchange had to take place at Thanksgiving since everyone will be spread out for Christmas. Kristi & Justin are traveling the furthest to Thailand for 3 weeks so we bid them safe travels. The holiday season is officially underway!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lucky Strike Didn't Know What Hit Them

Thanks to Trey for getting a new job at Lucky Strike in the corporate marketing department, Jmar's 31st birthday was a night full of bowling, cocktails and a late night music set back at Trey & Brian's house. I must admit my bowling game was by far the worst performance since taking bowling in college (yes I took bowling as a class in college). I blame Danny though since his Wii has been broken for the past 8+ months and I haven't been able to condition my bowling arm.

Jmar's 31st Bowling Party
Rachel, Me & Kayla

Kristi giving Jmar some pointers...

Birthday Boy & Kevin

Monday, November 30, 2009

Kayla's Boogaloo Birthday!

Sorry for the delayed posting but I've been busy planning our wedding. =) Kayla's birthday @ Boogaloo was on Friday November 6th so we all got together for some dinner and dancing. For those of you that live here or have come to visit, you all know that it doesn't take much to get our friends together. Kayla turning a year older, however, calls for an extra special celebration.

Birthday Girl & Her Lucky Man Paul

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Spooky Halloween

Saturday night was super fun thanks to the great Halloween Party that Bartlett & Ansley threw at there place. They totally went all out on their costumes and decorating the house. Corey once again cracked me up with his "Garth" costume. For someone that doesn't really like to dress up he sure gets into character. Hard to believe its the end of October!!

Party Hosts